Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sequel to Never Surrender...Read a sneak peek by Deanna Jewel

Deanna Jewel

     Many of you have been waiting a long time for the sequel to Never Surrender. I've finally gotten around to start the story of Kate and Brandon. Chapter One is now available for you; just click HERE to read that. I hope you enjoy it enough to leave a few comments in a review so others will be tempted to read the chapter as well.

      Never Surrender is a time travel romance, taking Kate back to 1835 Wyoming, where she and Taima are forced to work out their difference before they realize the connection their souls have. Neither of them want to give in to other, yet the growing attraction between them sizzles to a point where they must face their feelings. Differences kept them apart, love seals their fate...well beyond anything they could imagine.
     Their future is controlled by the Great Spirit and they're brought back together in Final Surrender. The title and cover are tentative and will likely change, but the heat between the pages will be intense. I hope you click over to see if Chapter One piques your interest. If so, please use the share buttons below for FB, Twitter and Google+.  You can also scroll to past post to read more about Never Surrender. Thank you for stopping in!

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