Monday, July 15, 2013

Help your favorite authors in many ways...

How can you help?

     Thank you stopping by! Come on in and let's chat about how others help authors. Do you have several authors you love reading? Have you ever left a comment or review online at sites like Amazon, B & N or SmashWords? Most online book stores have areas beneath all of their books where readers can leave a comment, along with a starred rating so other readers can see how many enjoyed the book before them. This is one of the best ways to help out your authors so more readers can enjoy their books.
     Leaving mean comments is not a good way to portray yourself online. If you didn't like the book, mention why...the characters weren't fleshed out or the plots didn't finish out. If you just say you didn't like the book because it was not in your usual genre...why did you download and read it? Because it was out of your genre is not the authors fault nor does it mean they wrote a bad why leave a mean comment like that?
     Here's a short list of things you can do to help out your favorite authors and we invite you to leave more ways in a comment below. How do YOU help out your favorite authors?

1 - Leave a comment at an online book site

2 - Retweet their promo posts on Twitter

3 - Share their book release posts on FaceBook

4 - Recommend their books to others on GoodReads

5 - Pin their covers & trailers on Pinterest

6 - Leave a starred rating wherever possible

     We hope you take time to roam through our site and check out our featured authors and their books.