Sunday, November 17, 2013

Love western romance? Try this one by Tonya Kinzer!

Tonya Kinzer
Erotic Romance

     Thank you for having me this weekend! I'm anxious to chat with your readers about their love of cowboys and reading erotic westerns. RELEASE DAY was Sept 10th for book one, Come Tame Me, of my Wild Fillies series. Be sure to get in on the contest below!

     The readers who sent me their request for the westerns liked my writing, just not the bondage part of it so I figured....why not! I'll try to keep my heroine from tying up her stud but please know that it'll be hard...not tying him up, I mean. The stud himself will be hard...all over, but I'll leave you with that thought and tease you to read the stories. I've not decided how many books will be in the series but there will be at least three and should more cowboys and fillies contact me to write their story, I'll continue.

     Book one takes place in Wyoming and Tennessee. My heroine's parents were divorced when Cassie was fifteen (due to a BDSM relationship by her father with another woman - sorry, I had to put in a little tease about the lifestyle!) and her mother moved Cassie to Tennessee for a new beginning. She has a step-father she adores because he treats her mother like royalty.
    Cassie is my heroine and hates her father for seeking a relationship with another woman. He's also ignored Cassie for ten years...and so has the boyfriend she left behind - Gabriel Jackson. Leaving him was easy at the time because he happened to be a participant in the relationship her father had with that 'other' woman. Is it any wonder that Cassie refuses to start a relationship of her own in Tennessee? Want to know more about Gabe? I posted a character interview with him HERE - I think you'll fall in love with the man! *wink*
     Cassie's step-father taught her how to tend to chores on his ranch, how to ride, how to shoot, took her to rodeos and also let her help run the business side of his ranch so one day she could run her own place. Shooting in competitions is one thing she loves but being the champion tops it all. She's a good shot and knows do the local cowboys who try to get close to her.
     All this time, resentment has brewed in Cassie's heart toward men who only want to use their woman and she's not let any of them close enough to tear down the wall around her heart. She's been happy on the ranch and has a close friend she shoots with who has been her best friend since Cassie moved to Tennessee.
     When Cassie receives a letter from a Wyoming attorney, anger rears its head again wondering what her father wants now after all those years of ignoring her.
     I'd love for you to read Chapter One of Come Tame Me. I hope you enjoy it enough to want a copy in e-format or print - see links below.

CONTEST:  I'm also holding a contest to give away a $10 gift card to one lucky entrant. Click the entry form below to get in the contest, but I'll be around to chat with those who want to leave a comment as well.

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  1. I have everyone of your ebooks i am just waiting for book five in the boss series

  2. Print copies of Come Tame Me arrived today! I'm a little excited! Click over to my website, click Contact Me to order a signed copy for $15 - includes shipping!

    Denise, thank you so much! You ROCK! Working on Boss's Pet #5 now!