Sunday, April 14, 2013

Promo Op for Authors!

Our readers want YOU!

     Do you have a new book coming out that you'd like to tell us about or perhaps one that was just released? Stop by for a week and get to know those who stop in to peek at the schedule to see who's visiting with us next - it could be YOU!
     We'd love to host you for a week so that our readers can learn more about you and the books you write! We host a variety of genres because our readers love them all. Our schedule is open - please click the 'Send Email' button up there on the right and let us know the week that will work best for you.
      Contests are another favorite here! Readers love a chance to win.
      Readers, we need YOUR help to get the word out to authors, too. The social buttons are listed below for you to click and share on FB, Twitter, Google+ and more. Be a part of our street team and let's get some great authors in here for you to chat with!

Who's up next??

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