Sunday, February 3, 2013

Meet Deanna Jewel, author of Whispers at Ghost Point!

Whispers at Ghost Point
by Deanna Jewel

     Thank you for stopping in to chat with us this week about our own Deanna Jewel as she tells us more about this ghostly story of the abandoned lighthouse in her book. How would YOU react if you saw this written in blood on your bathroom mirror by a ghost who followed you home? Is it possible for ghosts to attach themselves to you when you visit places said to be haunted? Deanna can tell us first hand about that since she visited Savannah GA, St Augustine FL, and Wilmington NC where her story takes place.

Deanna:  Thank you all for being here to learn more about my newest release. This book took me way too long to write but the deeper I got into the story, the more fun it was to make it as real as I could. Many of the places my characters visit I've actually had the opportunity to stand when I visited Savannah this past October and...Louise actually went with me to the Bohemian Hotel where we took the elevator up to the restaurant on the roof. Being able to stand where I knew my characters would be gave me such a sense of knowing what it felt like for them!

Louise: I'm glad I talked you into going in to ask if we could go up to the restaurant!

Deanna:  I know! I was content with standing out front of the hotel yet you pulled me inside to talk to the staff and they were so helpful. That's where we met Wallace, who I had to include in the story as well! He was helpful in answering my questions and gave us permission to head up to the roof! I'll have to be sure to send him a copy of the book and mark the page where he appears.

Louise: The fire pit was a great area for lovers to sit on the roof and look out across the river at night after they finished dinner. It was easy to imagine Dana right there with us!

Deanna:  And being able to walk the cobblestone streets, exploring the back alleys and steep streets that led up to the main streets had my mind reeling with more ideas for future books. There's so much history there. I loved how the old warehouses there had been remodeled into store fronts and condos. Their candy stores were to die for! I didn't want to leave and nearly bought the place out of their chocolate and caramel covered pralines! Those things are addicting. LOL

Louise: I was so excited when you two came to visit Savannah so we could finally meet. We've been talking online daily for two years so to be able to meet face to face was great.

Deanna: I knoooow! We loved sitting out back around your fire pit, thank you! The history of Savannah still has me amazed and to know that I could include that in a book for our readers makes me happy. There's a lot we didn't get to so I know a trip back there is in our future.

Louise:  The characters in Whispers have lived before through one of your other books, correct?

Deanna: Yes, it is, although Whispers can stand alone, if they read No Turning Back, the readers will bond a bit more with Dana and her ghost. I still have to laugh at the way the ghost turned my story around because I envisioned a different character for the ghost until one day as I wrote, the other character kept tapping my shoulder, telling me HE would make a much better ghost for my story. So I gave him a chance and wrote him in instead and I couldn't believe how correct he was. It worked so much better! Authors, if your characters bug you to change something in your writing, make sure you listen to them; sometimes they're right! LOL

Louise:  Many readers love lighthouses and you made this one so much a part of the story, complete with its own ghost.

Deanna: I've visited many, many lighthouses and being from Michigan, I visited nearly every single one of them on the shorelines of Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, the UP to fellow wolverines out there. In some of the old ones you can just feel the spirits who still hang around to protect the place and enjoying being there to watch over THEIR place!

Louise: Thank you for hanging out all week to chat with our readers. You have a page on your website where readers can visit many of the places in your book, right?

Deanna:  I do. Readers can visit my webpage for Whispers and also read an excerpt HERE. I've just approved the PRINT version of Whispers and to celebrate that, I'm giving away a necklace that is a replica of the one in the books. Readers can click HERE to get in on that contest.
     This week I'll do another contest and the info is listed below. I want to thank all the readers who stopped by to read and to those who read but didn't enter the contest. My buy links for Whispers are on my webpage so I hope you help me make this a great release. You can do that buy downloading your own copy, clicking 'Like' on Amazon, clicking on the 'tags' you agree with in the write up on Amazon and by sharing my links as well as the 'share' buttons at the bottom of this post. I thank you in advance!
      My question to readers: Do you enjoy links that take you to places described in the books you read?

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  1. My Whispers webpage allows you to click on links to visit Front Street Brewery in Wilmington, The Bohemian Hotel in Savannah, the Boardwalk along the river in Wilmington and more! I hope you all enjoy seeing where my characters were!

  2. Can't wait! I would love Deanna's book!