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Author Melanie Pronia - Paranormal Thrillers

Melanie Pronia
Mystery, Thrillers and Paranormal

Melanie S. Pronia is a novelist of mystery, thrillers and paranormal romances.  She is also an amateur ghost hunter, herbologist and tarot reader. Melanie was born in south New Jersey and moved around the U.S. quite a bit, but spent most of her time growing up in Virginia Beach , Virginia as a Navy Brat.  She currently resides in Orange Park, Florida with her husband and two sons. She considers Descent her best work thus far. 

Melanie's Books:

The Women
Set in the bible belt of Jacksonville , Florida , Five Sisters Renovation and Cleaning, is a brand new company that also happens to be a coven of Witches, headed up by their fearless leader and high priestess, Martie.

The House
The Palm Breeze Inn, formerly known as the historical, Willcraft Manor, is a three story antebellum that has sat in the quiet town of Palatka , Florida for over one hundred years.  It was built as a family home by Lucien Willcraft who was rumored to be a Witch.

The Ghosts
In the year 1915, every member of the Willcraft family was murdered in their home, excluding Lucien, who seemed to have just disappeared. Even today, the mass murder remains unsolved.

Can a team of hand tool wielding Witches right the wrongs of Willcraft Manor and get out alive?

Dana, married mother of two has a disease, it’s called insanity and it’s all of the worm’s fault who entered through her stomach and has led a destructive path to her brain. She must remove herself completely from her adoring husband and beautiful young daughters in order for her disease not to contaminate them. With her bottle of beloved anti-freeze Dana sets off on a 300 mile trek southward through the state of Florida. During her long death march, she meets many interesting characters and learns quite well the many skills of how to live among the homeless comfortably. The end of her destination is beautiful Siesta Key Beach where she will finally end the suffering of her existence with her precious bottle of anti-freeze. The only question that remains is whether or not she’ll be able to go through with it among the tropical breeze and the faces of her loved ones stamped on her mind. 

Justine has had the gift of sight since she was a young child, now as a degree carrying parapsychologist, she starts to understand that with every gift there is always a curse. In the novel, Journey of Souls, Justine who is still recovering from the death of her much loved father and the resulting mess of her alcoholic mother starts working as a parapsychologist and discovers a spirit world that she's always known about but has been a bit afraid to explore. Spectrum Industries employees those who share her fascination with a world many choose not believe in. Along the way she falls in love with the companies' gorgeous playboy, Patrick, who happens to be as interested in Justine as he is with her gift. Justine encounters characters both living and dead who influence her life and ideas in fabulous and frightening ways. She quickly becomes Spectrum's most valued employee by being placed is some very vulnerable situations and finds within herself more psychic talent than she ever asked for and in the arms of a wonderful man who has his own ability to show her the ways of life, love and magick. Justine discovers a family secret that her father had always intended for her to learn but her mother has covered up for years. Is that a Witch she sees in the mirror or have there been too many ghosts to blur her vision?

To learn more about Melanie and all of her published books visit her Web Site and Amazon Author page.

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