Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Meet Our Book Reviewers!

We are pleased to introduce Lynn Reynolds, Romance Reader Enthusiast, and Suzyn Micheals, SuZ ReviewZ, as An Avid Reader's Haven book reviewers!

Lynn Reynolds in her own words:
I have been reading romance novels since High School. Have worked in libraries since the 6th grade. Currently write romance novel reviews - getting to know a lot of new authors that I have never read before.

Lynn's reviewer page on Haven and her Blog

Suzyn Micheals in her own words:
I am an Avid reader and book reviewer. When I am not reading I am riding the Harley with my husband.

Suz's reviewer page on Haven and her Blog

Readers, Bookmark their pages on Reader's Haven to read their reviews!

Authors, 'Contact Us' on our main site and fill out the form for a Book Review.

Visit our Haven's Reviewers page for more information.

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